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Psyche is the name of the NASA Space Mission, spacecraft, and the 16th Asteroid that was discovered by Annibale de Gasparis in 1852. By exploring the world of metal, researchers and scientists have the possibility to find out other substances that Psyche might have. Currently, all we know is that it consists of the elements; nickel and iron. Our campaign, Interstellar Psyche, is a carnival that focuses on fun, interaction, and education. Guests of all ages are welcome to come to the carnival to enjoy all of the fun rides outdoors. We have a Psyche Dome, which is an indoor exhibition about the NASA Psyche Space Mission that includes A.R., V.R., and 4D simulator rides that people can try. Also, we invited famous guest speakers to talk about the Psyche Space Mission to educate everyone in the dome and hopefully influence them to have an interest in science.