yoorinaseo.com Cyber-Exploitation in South Korea

Cyber-exploitation is a non-consensual distribution of intimate photos and/or videos. It is a huge issue in South Korea because many pictures have been taken unknowingly in public such as in a bathroom, a dressing room, or public transportation via a cell phone or spy cam. The crime rates of various Digital Sexual Harassments (DSH) has increased six times in 2017 compared to 2010. My campaign's purpose is to support the victims of cyber-exploitation in Korea, mainly by fundraising. Many victims are required to spend their own money on removing the illegal footage and images from the internet, even though it is not their responsibility. What victims need the most is to stop photos and/or videos from spreading more and have them taken down. The government has recently created a help center for victims, the Digital Sexual Harassment Support Center (DSHSC). My campaign helps victims by fundraising and promoting DSHSC.