Nghi Tran's exhibit. A transparent backpack containing the items an Asian student would carry.

Academic Stress and Mental Health


It is ingrained in many Asian cultures that a good education is the only path to success. Prestigious schools in Asia are selective and exclusive, creating high expectations for students to be hard-working and diligent. Beyond pressure from their families and society around them, these students also face stress from competition among their classmates since only the highest-ranking students get into prestigious schools. Since stress and pressure are ingrained in these Asian countries, they are often normalized and overlooked. This causes negative effects on the student’s mental health, which further leads to depression and sometimes suicide as a way out. While this happens primarily in Asia, it demonstrates how being overworked in the face of intense stress and pressure for extended periods of time have harmful effects.

Nghi Tran

Nghi Tran

Nghi Tran is a graphic designer from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. During her time in the Visual Communication Design program, Nghi discovered her fascination with UI/UX design and aims to design digital products that are engaging and accessible to a wide range of audiences. Beside digital design, Nghi is also interested in illustrations, motion graphics, exhibition design, and learning about front-end development.