Amazon Fulfillment Center Working Conditions

Human Rights

Practically any product will arrive at one’s doorstep with the click of a button; innovation has abolished the hassle of traveling to the store. Prompt delivery at a whim and an affordable price is an apparent marvel of modern technology born from the geniuses who conceptualized it. But the inner workings of this infrastructure do not share the same cheery disposition as the packages they deliver. Efficiency at this scale comes at the cost of warehouse workers’ health, safety and dignity.

Through lobbying, online market control and property and sales tax avoidance, has become the most prominent e-commerce platform in the United States. 148.6 million Prime members have adjusted to hyper-convenience. Workers are heavily surveilled to ensure maximum productivity during their 10-hour shifts. This pressure has led to the highest injury and turnover rates in the warehouse industry. People are pushed to their limits then disposed of with the efficiency Amazon has become known for.

Connor Wodynski

Connor Wodynski

Connor Wodynski was born in Arizona where he experienced a modest suburban upbringing. Throughout high school he explored every creative avenue he could, continuing that trend through college. He considers himself a master of none who finds fulfillment in developing news skills for self-sufficiency. He hopes being a swiss-army knife will help him to build mission-oriented projects from the ground up so he can leave things better than he found them.