Child Trafficking exhibit

Child Trafficking

Human Rights

Human trafficking, is a form of modern-day slavery and millions of people worldwide, including children, are victims of this crime. When people hear about child trafficking, they imagine an older man kidnapping a child out of a parking lot. While this does occur,child trafficking is complex and can happen anywhere with any age, race, ethnicity, social status, or gender. New technological development like apps and websites make it challenging to regulate youths. 1 in 7 children online have received a sexual solicitation or were approached onlinet. 56% of youths who received solicitations told no one. 


Arizona is a significant transit and destination for child trafficking because it is a popular tourist area with warm weather, vast conferences, and professional sporting events. Additionally, Arizona’s proximity to the interstate highway makes it easy for traffickers to get away.

Jenny Nguyen

Jenny Nguyen

Jenny Nguyen is a visual designer born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She is fascinated with design focusing on the human experience that aims for inclusivity and accessibility. Her passion for design is inspired by helping others and sharing meaningful experiences through creativity. She strives to create an impact by solving problems and telling stories with a purpose.