Customer Violence exhibit

Customer Violence

Human Rights

Service workers face many physically and emotionally demanding challenges, one of them being violent customer encounters. The outburst of dysfunctional customer behavior could be related to a saying coined in 1909 by American department store founder Harry Gordon Selfridge: “The customer is always right.” This phrase has since been severely misinterpreted as it wrongly implies that it is possible for a company to satisfy every customer 24/7. Violent shoppers could be fueling the current labor shortage in our country. Data shows that workers in customer-facing roles are quitting at higher rates than in other industries. Researchers also found that 74% of consumers strongly agree that frontline employees and servers need to be treated better by customers. The emotional demands of a service job come from constantly having to put on a smile whether employees mean it or not. This is particularly draining for customer service workers, who typically have to do this for hours at a time. Behind that uniform there is a human being. Everyone has the right to a safe work environment.

Joy Griffin

Joy Griffin

Joy is a dedicated graphic designer exploring her passion for branding and illustration. She believes in design as a problem-solving tool to establish connections between ideas and reality. She’s also an artist, lotion addict, and devourer of onions. Much like her name, Joy’s purpose is to produce work that brings smiles.