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Deforestation. Although it isn’t something we directly witness in our day to day lives, it’s something that affects us indirectly. 64% of deforestation all over the world is happening in the Amazon, this is due to the highly illegal and unseen logging that is happening in the deeper and under monitored parts of the forest. Not only that but Over 350 ingenious tribes also still live in the Amazon and more than half have been pushed out of their native land. Extinction of wildlife and vegetation is also a huge issue with over 10,000 animals entering the extremely endangered list as of 2020. Drought is also a huge part of the issue because over 28 billion gallons of water is created in the Amazon and without that water which travels the globe, we would be seeing the effects all the way in Arizona and in other desert landscapes. 

The easiest way to have an impact on the future of the Amazon is to research, donate and educate to increase the awareness of this devastating issue.

Yasmeen Kanaan

Yasmeen Kanaan


Yasmeen Kanaan is a Graphic Designer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a Designer, she strives to create the best design solution for her clients. Whether that’s by typography, illustrations, page layout or use of color, Yasmeen will always hold her clients’ ethics at the very top of her list. Having traveled to many different culturally rich countries has enriched her design in the best way possible by bringing pops of color and cultural influences to every design