Fast Fashion exhibit

Fast Fashion


Fast Fashion is a hot topic in the sustainability world right now, but what exactly is it? Fast fashion is a design, manufacturing, and marketing method focused on rapidly producing high volumes of clothing. Garment producers replicate trends and utilize low-quality materials in order to bring inexpensive styles to the public. These poor quality, trendy pieces have created an overwhelming amount of textile consumption: negatively impacting the environment, garment workers, and ultimately, consumers’ wallets.

However, we can find hope in the recent resurgence of slow fashion. Buying garments from responsible brands, purchasing from secondhand shops, and advocating for social responsibility and corporate accountability helps to ensure agency and support the environment and others.

Tanya Yan

Tanya Yan

Tanya Yan is a designer based in Tempe, AZ. Brought up in an environment that honors the art of science, she gravitates towards the intersection of information and design and believes that beautifully communicated knowledge should be accessible. Tanya’s work is guided by a strong belief in using design as a problem-solving tool and a method to improve connections between people and the products they use.