Gender Inequality


Women frequently face sexual objectification in societal interactions and through the active and passive consumption of multimedia. Especially considering that more women than men are depicted in a sexually objectifying manner throughout society. The dichotomy between women and men’s nipples and body hair are prime examples.  


The over-sexualization of the female nipple is a learned trait. We are fed messages from society about whose body parts should be viewed as sexual and whose should not.  We need to relearn how to treat our bodies and part of how to change the response to women’s nipples and body hair to ultimately desexualize them is to depict them in a non-sexual manner more often throughout society. 


Women suffer emotionally and physically from hyper sexualized ideals, as they are portrayed as an object less than human. We must fight against this harmful sexualization around us to claim our anatomical embodiment back. Take back what was defined by a historical patriarchal ideal and reinvent ourselves.

Samantha Hillenburg

Samantha Hillenburg

Samantha Jordan Hillenburg is a visual designer who enjoys problem solving to produce clean and creative solutions. She believes collaboration, research, and good time management skills go a long way to develop a fully functional brand. Through years of hard work and managerial experience leading a team of designers and content creators, Samantha has developed a strong and organized work ethic.