Charity Chong's exhibit. A collection of shopping and waste bags full of food.

Household Food Wastage


In the United States, food waste accounts for 24.1% of all municipal solid waste and is the number one material in America’s landfills. It also emits greenhouse gasses such as methane, which contribute to global warming. Not to mention, 1 in 8 people in the USA also live in food insecure households.


Despite this, the United States of America wastes 45 million tons of food a year –- that’s the size of 730 college football stadiums filled with wasted food. Unfortunately, most of this is happening at the household level. It is estimated that the average American household throws away a quarter of the groceries that they buy, or roughly $1,500 worth of food a year.


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, all humans try to fulfill their physiological needs first, such as: food, water, and shelter. But once that need is met, how much food is too much food?

Charity Chong

Charity Chong

A millennial with roots in both Arizona and Singapore, Charity is a first-generation college graduate who is inspired by music, animation and fiber arts. She strives to make design with a positive impact and hopes to one day own her own studio. When not working, Charity enjoys hanging out with friends and eating good food.