Lindsay Prester's exhibit. A collage of imagery that represents the nature of American work culture.

Hustle Culture in America


Underpaid, overworked, and burnt-out: the current state of many Americans. Living with the stress of an uncertain future, alongside overwhelming internal and external pressure to be constantly and consistently productive, has created the perfect storm for burnout. The average workweek now extends past nine-to-five and an increase in remote work has only further blurred the line between work and home. Hustle culture has convinced people that the only way to find stability and fulfillment is to work harder and work more. This has led to a toxic sense of competition in the workplace. Employees prove their worth to companies with their productivity, time spent at work, and how much better they are at those things than their coworkers. Modern technology has given companies the ability to do more, work less, and make more money. This culture has become so ingrained into our society that it is not that companies cannot change, it is that they do not.

Lindsay Prester

Lindsay Prester

Lindsay Prester is a graphic designer currently based in Tempe, AZ. She strives to produce honest, ethical designs that create a positive impact. By putting people at the center of her work, she builds inclusive experiences and brings visions to life. She values the process of exploration, discovery, and communication to create unique and effective designs that celebrate people, brands, and their stories.