Flat view exhibit about misinformation on the internet

Misinformation on the internet


As the spread of COVID-19 has shown us, misinformation is not something to be taken lightly. The World Health Organization declared the spread of COVID-19 misinformation an “infodemic” which mimics the vast quantity of pathogens being spread of the disease itself. Misinformation on the internet spreads much faster and further than reliable information, and can cause confusion, mistrust and dangerous behavior. Due to the sheer scale of the internet and social media platforms, it’s near impossible to manage and prevent the proliferation of fake news since it reaches a large audience before it’s noticed. These platforms also have algorithms designed to determine your interests and most-viewed content, which can create echo chambers since most of the information will only validate people’s existing beliefs and biases without challenging them. In the age of information how can someone ensure that they aren’t being misled?

Milos Zekanovic

Milos Zekanovic


Milos Zekanovic is a graphic designer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His interest in graphic design stems from a love of drawing, video games and movies. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Design from Arizona State University. He strives to apply his love of the visual arts into his work and develop his own unique visual style.