Toxic Masculinity


In today’s society, many men feel ashamed to speak up and admit they need a support system for their struggles. Toxic masculinity talks about gender inequality and the expectations that are generationally pushed onto men, while also touching on how these learned behaviors negatively affect those around us.

Even though some men break away from their “traditional role” and make their voices heard, our society is built around the old model of “what a man should do”. The systemic issues of this can be seen in fathers having to request baby changing stations or being unable to take time off after their children are born to bond. 

The traditional expectations of masculinity can be isolating, but there are other ways to be masculine that do not have to be confined to such a limiting role. For this reason, it is crucial for everyone to encourage and foster different strengths and different forms of masculinity in young boys.


Chloe Gamblin

Chloe Gamblin

Chloe Gamblin is a designer born in Arizona who values fun and approachability in design. She originally became interested in design from reading brand strategies for video game covers, as she moved further in her education at Arizona State University, she became more and more interested in package and social media design.