Online Data Tracking


Privacy paradox,  a term coined in 2001, aims to address the discord between our online activities and attitudes about online privacy. Technology’s continuous optimization has made adjusting our behaviors to work against data collection to be inconvenient, confusing, and sometimes unavoidable. Bits of text called cookies play a key role in tracking our digital existence.

Third party cookies, also known as “tracking cookies”, pose the biggest threat to our online privacy. These cookies are gained mainly from online advertisements, and can be used to track our every move. Given the profitable nature of this information, it is in both the website’s and advertiser’s best interest to sneak these cookies onto our devices. When a website presents to us their cookie disclaimer and gives us the option to opt out, it rarely provides protection against these kinds of cookies. Information is valuable, and trying to protect it online can feel like a hopeless endeavor.

Samantha Ray

Samantha Ray

Sam Ray is a graphic designer currently based out of Tempe, AZ. She takes special interest in exhibit design, full immersive design, and experimental coding. High fashion and off-beat brands are a source of inspiration for her. Graphic design exists in many different sectors of the visual world and Sam hopes to continue exploring it in non-traditional and thought-provoking ways.