Parasocial Relationships exhibit

Parasocial Relationships


One of the side effects of a digitally connected world is the development of parasocial relationships — a phenomenon referring to the relationship between a content creator and their viewers. These types of relationships are characterized by their imbalanced dynamic: the viewer can learn everything there is to know about a creator, and come to view them as a close friend, by consuming their content, but the creator cannot know everything about each of their viewers.  Failing to exercise moderation when it comes to these relationships can lead to harmful effects both for the viewer and the creator.  Many creators have experienced stalking and other serious privacy violations by deluded fans who have overstepped their boundaries. In turn, the viewers can become vulnerable to the creator’s influence: a situation that can easily be exploited by a creator with ill intentions.

Emily Van Camp

Emily Van Camp

Emily Van Camp is a graphic designer from Chandler, AZ who studied for four years under the Herberger College of Design and Arts at Arizona State University.  She is passionate about digital illustration and UI/UX design, and approaches every aspect of her life with intention and detail; especially her work.  Emily also has experience in brand development, motion graphics, and exhibition design.