Benji Korf's exhibit. A grid of hexagon with infographics about pesticide related bee deaths.

Pesticides Killing Bees


Pesticides, although beneficial for the farming industry, are eradicating bee colonies and putting the human race in danger. Bees are an essential part of the food web, from the food they pollinate to the food they become for predators. On Earth, 70 out of 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees, which is about 90% of the world’s nutrition. On these same crops, 5.6 billion pounds of pesticides are spread each year. According to the US Department of Agriculture, around 50 million U.S. citizens obtain drinking water potentially contaminated by pesticides. Bees are especially in danger from these chemicals. Just as bees are praised for bringing pollen to plant life, they have started carrying toxic chemicals from pesticides into their hives. We are poisoning bees, we are making bees spread poison, and we are turning bees into poison. The pesticide industry has spent millions scrambling to tell us they did not do it, so they must be telling the truth, right?

Benjamin Korf

Benji Korf

Benjamin Korf is a graphic designer, marketer, and artist from Scottsdale, Arizona. Addicted to optimism & brimming with enthusiasm, Benji wants his work to embody his love of all things positive. Proficient in art, writing, tomahawk throwing, and more, Benji has an extremely vast skill set, making him the swiss army knife of the design world. Feel free to say hi, Benji’s excited to meet you!