Voter Suppression


Voting is the US. Right that all US citizens have. Voting should be as accessible as possible, and in many cases it is. However, just in this past year, more than 20 anti-voter bills have been introduced in 19 states. These bills create barriers for people to register to vote, vote by mail, or vote in person. Our democracy works best when all eligible voters can participate and have their voices heard. 

Voter suppression can be seen in many forms including discrimination in the polls. Suppression efforts disproportionately impact people of color, students, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Voting purges are a method of mass voter restriction, purging eligible voters from rolls for illegitimate reasons or based on inaccurate data, and often without adequate notice to the voters. There is also criminalization of the ballot box which some states use by discouraging voter participation by imposing arbitrary requirements and harsh penalties to those who violate these rules.

Maggie Scott

Maggie Scott

Maggie Scott is a graphic designer who originates from Illinois. She works to obtain a degree in graphic design and a certificate in marketing and sales at Arizona State University. She is a hardworking and motivated individual who is dedicated to working with a positive attitude by adapting and communicating with those around her. She aims to approach every project with attention to detail and purpose.