Kylie Duke's exhibit. A collection of round image frames with the texture of dry, cracked earth in the background.

Water Crisis


Water has the power to give life, but it can also take it away. Demand for drinking water is growing  and will continue to rise, pollution is increasing, and climate change is affecting how much water we have and will have in the future. There are several factors that contribute to why we are running out of water including pollution, climate change, agriculture, and population growth. 


Water loss affects us in many ways; from impacting our food production, how we live our daily lives, and our health. If we have limited access to water, we can’t grow the necessary food. We use water for many things in our daily lives and without fresh water we can’t continue to do these things that we have become accustomed to. More people every year die from unsafe drinking water than natural disasters and these numbers will only increase in the coming years. Our water problem isn’t caused by just one issue but together we can work to solve it.

Kylie Dukes

Kylie Dukes

Kylie Dukes is a Graphic Designer based in Arizona who received an A.S degree in Graphic Design. Wanting to expand her skills, she decided to attend Arizona State University to complete a B.S in Visual Communication Design. In her Junior year at ASU, she obtained a summer internship, and her love of marketing agency life was born where she continues to thrive as a designer to this day.