Allie Kandas

My topic for my exhibition was transgender suicide. I knew it was a pretty heavy topic to commit to for  year but for the same reason, I knew this topic needed to be explored and researched further. I first thought of choosing this topic, when I read that forty-one percent of transgender people attempt suicide in their lifetime in the U.S.. That number astounded me and I was shocked that I hadn’t heard this statistic before. I wanted to learn why this desparity exists and how to best support the transgender community to lessen the rate and promote equal treatment of others.

A commonality among viewers of my exhibit, is a value of life. Thus, I decided to emphasize the people themselves. I wanted to showcase transgender people who have impacted on society. This would promote building others up in order to triumph as a community. It also illustrates why we need to take action in preventing depression by creating a network of support. I realized, some viewers may have ideological blocks to overcome before being able to empathize with my message. I was inspired by an art installation that requires the viewer to adjust their view to see the image. This was exactly what I wanted my viewers to do, physically and mentally in order to empathize with the trans community.

My exhibit is broken up into two sections. The left panel houses a brief description of my topic and infographics that explain the challenges transgender people face. The panel on the right showcases my art installations. The installation is made up of several hanging pieces of an image. It requires the viewer to adjust their viewpoint in order to clearly see the person. This symbolizes how we sometimes need to adjust our viewpoints or bias in order to really see someone’s authentic beauty. Overall, I wanted my viewers to walk away informed of the challenges transgender people face and passionate about minimizing those challenges in their own community.

Exhibition Booklet

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