The Rise and Spread of STIs on College Campuses-
Allie McGuffin

In our society today and our college culture, the rise of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) have been increasing every year. It is estimated that 1 in 4 college students will contract an STD/STI. It is imperative to educate our future generations and break the stigma that coincides with condom usage. I want to spread awareness of the common misconceptions and issues our generation is facing, and that is the tabooness of sex education. The spread of STIs is growing steadily and I want to make a difference, which is why I decided on my topic, The Rise and Spread of STIs on College Campuses.

If you've received the sex talk before then you know that it usually consists of, ‘be safe,’ ‘use protection,’ and ‘do not get pregnant’; however, thinking back on it, there was little to no talk about STIs. Currently 80-90% of college students are sexually active, and 1 in 4 contract an STI while in college. This age demographic of 20-24 accounts for 65% of chlamydia and 53% of gonorrhea cases in the US. It is more important than ever to be aware of what STIs are, how they are spread, and what you should do if you contract one. We must change the taboo conversation of STIs and safe sex in order to see an impactful change, so next time you want to get silly, make sure you wrap your willie.

This app design is an extension of my exhibit. I wanted my audience to have a takeaway that they would use. In this case I felt an app was the easiest way to transfer the information from my exhibit to the viewer. It includes various categories that will be useful for the user, like local resources, live chat, tracking your health, and information about STI’s. The app is customizable depending on the user, so you can specify your gender and color scheme to make it as discreet as you would like. Depending on which gender you select affects the calendar and live chat options. My goal was to design an inclusive app that allows users to confide in when they do not know where to turn to for guidance.

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