Amanda Sia-Gomez


I first observed gentrification first hand when I was visiting the Mission District in San Francisco, California. My cousin explained to me how the shift in population, businesses, and community all correlated to gentrification and therefore the displacement of the pre existing communities. After seeing this I began recognizing gentrification locally and around the world.

This exhibit allows you to feel the experience of juxtaposed narratives in gentrified neighborhoods. Between the organic stories of the relentless fight of people experiencing displacement and the monstrous, systematic structures as a result of gentrification, you are forced to choose what to focus on. Gentrification is happening everywhere around us, but it is up to you to learn about it, to be aware of it, and to take action.

The effect of modern colonization forces low-income communities out of their homes, making room for affluent capitalists to Manifest Destiny and build their corporate fantasies. Are you a gentrifier?

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