Last Call-
Areia Worden

Alcohol in the Media & American Culture

Why is alcohol so deeply embedded in our culture and society? Media portrayals of drinking, alcohol product placements, and alcohol advertising contributes to increased alcohol consumption among consumers. The alcohol industry is a Multi-Billion dollar industry with marketing tactics formulated to entice you. However, Advertisements are no longer restricted to television and billboards. They are now intertwined with our personal lives through social media. What does this mean for the average consumer? Our subconscious is constantly being bombarded with advertising influence. Whether we like it or not, if we remain unaware, our subconscious will make choices for us. Alcohol advertisements paint a picture of social status, stress relief, and societal acceptance, encouraging consumers to choose an alcohol laden lifestyle. A lifestyle that can lead to mistakes, regret, and disease.

Exhibition Goal: Raise Awareness around mindful alcohol consumption.

This exhibition is designed to challenge viewers perception of alcohol advertisements and help them better understand the subconscious impact. They’re first instructed to spend time viewing the alcohol advertisements displayed in formats similar to the way they’re exposed on a daily basis. Within the frames of TVs, laptops, phones, iPads, and desktop computers. Then, participants are given more information, and asked to participate in an interactive survey. The viewer will then be encouraged to visit the website, to download Last Call’s mindful drinking mobile application.

Last Call Campaign Abstainment from alcohol is traditionally permeated in shame. Last Call ads are meant to invoke an air of playfulness, much like traditional alcohol advertisements. The aim is to increase mindfulness around recreational alcohol consumption, and generate a trendy act of self-awareness, much like self-love or nutrition.Last Call isn’t meant to deter anyone from drinking, but to raise awareness so we can collectively make informed decisions, and ultimately reduce alcohol related harm by reducing long and short term harmful drinking.

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