We Live in a Throwaway Culture -
Aubree Garrett


My Social Issue is our Plastic Waste. I chose it because we live on such a beautiful planet. Here we have a place to live, food to eat, water to drink, the ability to do and achieve whatever we want. It’s apparent that our beautiful planet gives us so much; sadly, we say thank you by our plastic waste and this is killing our planet. It’s an issue because plastics don’t really break down; they just break up. They can’t decompose, the Earth can’t consume it. Its stuck with a material that just sits there, it doesn’t add value to our Earth and most cases it ends up poisoning our oceans, land, and air.

I titled it ”We live in a throwaway culture” because we do. We live in a time where there are easily disposable items. Items like water bottles, grocery bags, and utensils. It’s something you don’t think about, you grab, and throw away. Each of these pieces take thousands of years to break down because of the material. Instead of taking on that material, there are things we can switch out everyday to limit and reduce our plastic waste. I wanted to show some of those sustainable options, and how easy it can be to make this switch.

While making my exhibit it inspired me to create a sustainable brand that could branch off of my final design for my social issue. It’s natural for someone to think changing their everyday habits would be difficult. Some individuals might not know where to start or what to get in order to make that change successful. I wanted to make it easier for those individuals, thus I was inspired and created the faux brand Re. Re is a  sustainable brand that has those items needed to make that switch from plastic life effortless and most effective. Let’s all live more sustainable with Re.

Exhibition Booklet