A Decision is Forever-
Brandon Lin


Diamonds are appraised by their Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. Customers must be conscious of the consequences coupled with the gem, as well as parallel substitutes. Awareness will prevent the possibility of contributing to a fifth C: Conflict. Lin hopes that someone visiting “A Decision is Forever”, will familiarize themselves with potential consequences of the diamond industry. Visitors will also understand the different options present at jewelry stores, that boast a conflict-free promise. One will see and understand just how their decisions effect people’s lives, the environment, and the economy.

Lin has designed this composition, engraved on a mirror surface. The smaller square reveals a consumer’s perspective, someone here considers the 4 C’s previously mentioned when purchasing a diamond. The larger square describes external conflicts in the diamond industry, that often get overlooked at an elegant storefront. Words like casualty, certainty, chaos, children, civilians, combat, controversy, cries, cruelty, etc. stagger and overlap in conflict with one another. This shows the reality of the diamond industry. The external typographic composition is the growth fed from what the consumer ultimately decides. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you contributing to the conflict?

Please read one way conflict diamonds have effected humanity: Mariatu was raised in Magborou during Sierra Leone’s 11 year civil war. The village was attacked by rebel soldiers of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) when she was just 12 years old. Kamara witnessed harsh violence, and was kidnapped for more than 10 hours. Rebel soldiers cut off both her hands and left her to die. The attack left her shocked and unconscious. When she awoke, she found herself among numerous dead bodies and a burning village. Today, she is a published author and the Special Representative of Humanitarian Aid Organization United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, known as UNICEF. Please read more about her in her book title “The Bite of the Mango”, written by Susan McClelland in 2008.

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