Emptiness to Hopefulness-
Cassidy Albright


Are you hungry? Feeling temporary mood swings, body aches? Luckily, food is readily available. However, for many children that is not the case. A child depends on others to meet their basic needs. Poverty is a leading cause of childhood hunger around the world. Did your child eat today? Children suffering from malnutrition and hunger are closer than we realize. In Maricopa County, 250,000 children won’t have a meal before bed. Today, one in five children will die from hunger. My heart aches watching a child who was born into a life of poverty, suffering and hungry. If I can help just one child through social awareness, then that is one less child going hungry each night.

To keep the audience engaged, a spinner was built on my structure. The idea was based on the statistic, “one in five children will struggle with hunger.” I wanted the audience to see themselves as part of the statistic. Thus, explaining the five colored circles represented with different icons. The blue bowl icon indicates that you did not receive a meal. The other colored circles with food icons indicates that you ate a meal. Through research, I chose the following food: apples, rice, carrots and beans because it is important to a child’s health. Depending on where the arrow lands, you can lift the circle up, and read facts about the food advantages or starving disadvantages for the body.

My structure included a takeaway item for the viewer to specifically remember my exhibit. My item is an empty biodegradable bowl with the engraving of my title, EMPTINESS TO HOPEFULNESS, and a link to Feed My Starving Children. The link provides resource to help by donating or volunteering to the organization. The website provides more information on child hunger and what the organization does to help. My hope is to be able to educate people that it does not take much to help a child in need of a meal.

Exhibition Booklet

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