Where's the Food-
Claire Murphy


Healthy food is a necessity to sustain a healthy life. Many people living in food deserts have either limited or no options to purchase healthy food, leaving them to struggle with an unhealthy diet. They live in areas where the only food options are convenience stores or gas stations, where space for healthy food is limited. With the outbreak of the Corona Virus and shelves being wiped clean of many groceries, people living in food deserts are now left with even less food options. My hope for the future is that we can rally together to plant grocery stores and healthy food options in these food deserts, giving people living within them more choices and the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Arizona State University, Herberger Institute, Senior Poster Show. The original show was to be a physical exhibit displaying a variety of global social issues and showcasing the graphic design skills of our senior classes. After the Corona Virus hit the U.S., classes transitioned to online meetings and our physical exhibit was canceled. We transitioned from needing to create a physical display to showing the social issues digitally. For my display I wanted to create a physical representation of the food crisis in Arizona. It features prominent shades of green to emphasize the need for healthy food with the main draw being a large interactive Arizona desert food maze.

Originally this was to be a maze that people would insert a custom shopping cart token I created and use a magnet to navigate the maze. Once completed, the participant would retrieve the token and add a chain to the end to create a memorable keychain keepsake. Unfortunately due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus and the cancelation of our show, I had to rework my interactive piece. I knew I wanted to keep the maze, so instead of making the takeaway a physical keychain, I decided to redesign the maze’s reward to a verbal takeaway. Once completed, the letters crossed getting to the end reveal the answer to the question at the bottom. My goal was to leave the participant with a feeling of empathy to the plight faced by many Arizonans.

Exhibition Booklet