Explore the Unknown -
Lauren Gonzales


Deep within the terrestrial planets, including Earth, scientists infer the presence of metallic cores, but these lie unreachably far below the planets’ rocky mantles and crusts. The asteroid Psyche offers a unique window into these building blocks of planet formation and the opportunity to investigate a previously unexplored type of world.

A space mission typically has six phases, A-F. I was part of the Psyche Mission during “Phase C,” which lasts until January 2021. In this phase, the mission is focused on final design and subsystem fabrication, assembly, and testing.

ASU, as the lead of the Psyche mission, aims to develop a mobile app experience to engage the public in the mission in a way that is fun and interactive. My involvement was with two app experience teams; team Nickel and team Iron. Our goal was to engage a larger audience with additions to the Psyche App.

Both teams aim to engage the public in the mission with a fun, interactive mobile app experience. This mobile app experience should appeal to all ages and all of the general public. We were tasked with designing a game for the Psyche app that should allow the user to explore the excitement and innovation of the mission. The app should also bring awareness and a connection to the mission.

App release soon to come.

Exhibition Booklet

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