End of the Line-
Lindsay Sharpe


What is Overhunting?

It is an activity which results in serious reduction of species population or harm to wildlife. It is otherwise defined as the relentless chase for wild or game animals for the purpose of killing or catching them for economic or personal gains or for food. This in turn leads to an overall decline in species population.Humans and animals are apart of the same ecosystem. With changes in one species cause a ripple effect that will ultimately impact us and our environment. To ensure the longevity of our species we must ensure the longevity of theirs as well.

How overhunting has led to a decrease in species population, especially the worlds more exotic species. What are the reasons for why this happens? The National Center for Biotechnology and Information as well as the Royal Society Journals have categorized the most common issues into four main groups. These causes are religious or cultural beliefs, an attempt to control population, trophy hunting, and lastly bush meat hunting.Overhunting is a global issue which affects all environments from polar to desert, forests to Savannah's. Many of these exotic species do not repopulate as quickly as others, therefore continuing to cause numbers to drop. According to the Gale Academic One-file and the Royal Society Journals in the 2100 its projected that half of the worlds species population will disappear and the average rate of vertebrate species loss is now up to 1000%.

How You Can Help?

Help by making sure you are not in support of any illegal hunting acts or supporting groups who ignore hunting laws. Also sign petitions and show your support for tougher laws and legislation to help protect animal species. Be sure to follow animal rights activists on social media and other platforms to show your support and involvement.

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