Living With an Invisible Illness-
Nadine Elbayar

Mental Illness affects 1 in every 4 Americans in the US, yet less than 25% of those affected have access to mental healthcare. This leads to worsening symptoms, distress, and even suicide. I chose to use this as the focus for my senior year, because it's something that's impacted my time here, and because not everyone fully understands the severity of a life with an invisible illness with no help. I hope viewers of this exhibit learn something new that allows them to see past the stigma surrounding this issue, and will consider voting in favor of candidates that advocate for Medicare for All, so the millions of Americans who are living like I am, can have a chance at living a better life.

While 1 out of every 4 Americans are living with some form of mental illness, only 23% of Americans have sufficient enough healthcare coverage to treat their illnesses. Since mental illnesses are also known as “invisible illnesses”, you can’t physically see the harm they do to a person, and can sometimes be treated like a nonexistent issue, they’ve been deemed a luxury by the United States healthcare system, and those of us who are struggling to deal with our illnesses are left with little to no resources to cope.

A lack of mental healthcare coverage causes the symptoms to increase in severity, and on average, causes 20% of people living with a mental illness to attempt suicide. For a neurotypical person, it’s hard to understand the severity of what a mentally ill person is dealing with without proper healthcare, so I chose to focus on this social issue to bring awareness to the topic, break the stigma surrounding mental illness, and help people who don’t have to live with it understand what it’s like for people who do.

Exhibition Booklet