Lost in Our Sonoran Desert-
Nereida Ávila


Since 1999, 3496 migrants' remains have been collected in our Sonoran Desert. These were people who attempted to cross the Sonoran Desert to enter the United States to have an opportunity for a better life. Prior to the 1990s when Prevention Through Deterrence policies were implemented at the southern border, less than 20 migrants lost their lives in the Sonoran Desert per year. These policies aimed to discourage people from attempting to cross the southern border into the United States. Instead, they caused more desperation, migration crossings began funneling through the desert. Now, an average of 100 migrants' remains are collected per year.

My exhibit aims to bring a voice and representation to the growing number of lives silently lost the Sonoran Desert. There is information about the migrants we've lost such as their names, ages, and cause of death.

Migrants continue to quietly die in the desert. Some are named, some are not, and some are never even found. But bringing awareness to the issue and encouraging empathy is a step in the direction for change. Through changes in public policy at the Sonoran Desert, people who will migrate whether or not it is accessible will be able to do so in less dangerous circumstances.

Exhibition Booklet