Stop and Play with Plants- Olive Mier Holland

With our personal, mental, and physical well-being in decline at home, in the workplace, and in the world, the interactive exhibition "STOP and Play with Plants" gives people a solution. PLANTS! Plants have been proven to improve one’s well-being. This exhibit allows the viewer to feel the benefits plants have on their well-being firsthand, as well as gives them the opportunity to bring the benefits of plants into their home.

When you want to teach someone something, it is far more effective to have them learn what you want them to understand through an experience rather than just telling them what you want them to know. This allows them to come to the knowledge themselves with the attachment of action to the lesson. This helps to enforce the idea being taught without the person feeling like they are being lectured. Learning is always its deepest when all the senses are integrated. That is why this exhibition is fully interactive.

First, people are invited to make a small bouquet with provided flowers, promoted by the statement “playing with plants has been proven to make one feel calmer and happier” so that they know what to expect from the experience. The hope is that through this activity they feel the benefits of plant interaction and want to continue the practice. It also provides additional draw for others who are in the museum or exhibit space because they will see others with their boutonniere on their shirt and want to find where they can make one for themselves. This leads them to the exhibit and the activity where they can feel first hand the benefits of interacting with plants. Once they understand through real life experience how interacting with plants makes them feel better, the exhibit provides them the opportunity to continue this practice in their own home by taking a care kit. The care kit comes with a morimo moss ball which is very easy to care for, instructions for its care, and a small journal where people can journal their emotions before and after caring for their morimo moss.

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