Beyond Despair-
Qingyang Mi

The temperature of the past 100 years shows that the top 20 high temperatures in the history of research have occurred in the past 22 years. Compared with the pre-industrial era, the temperature of the earth has risen by 1 degree Celsius, which does not sound too much. But this 1 degree Celsius will have a huge impact on our weather. More frequent heat waves, drier soil, and more severe drought are hitting us. At the end, a person's power might be weak, but if the whole world works together, the impact will be very significant.

For the exhibition, I am trying to focus on Arizona local issues that are caused by climate change, because the exhibition was planned to take place in phoenix. The point of it is trying to make people who come to the senior show relate to themselves. Research of Arizona drought would let people who live in the Arizona area think more about climate change. I made an illustration to put on the map of Arizona to mimic the drought that happened in Arizona.

Arizona is currently in our 21st year of a long-term drought. Climate change's effects are intensifying across the country, unleashing more severe droughts, more dangerous heat waves and bigger and more destructive wildfires. These happening will likely hit low-income individuals, people with disabilities and certain racial and ethnic minorities disproportionately hard in the coming years.

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