The Choice Killing Americans-
Taylor Martinez


In order to create a more approachable display to illustrate the stages of fetal development, fruit serves as a comparable stand–in for fetal photography on the left hand panel. Realistic visuals can often be uncomfortable or emotionally triggering in the context of discussing abortion. The visual of fruit allows for effective education without pushing viewers away. This accompanying booklet allows for visitors to delve more deeply into the facts surrounding each developmental stage on the page 14 of the exhibit booklet.


The baby socks lining the background of the structure are representative of the hundreds of thousands of lives lost to abortion in America every year. There are 153 socks patterned along the right panel wall that memorialize 5,636 lives per sock. In 2017 alone, a total of 862,320 American lives were killed in abortions across the nation. The gravity of these numbers is often lost within the euphemism of “choice,” but this sobering visual attempts to bring back a sense of the humanity to the feet that would have filled those socks.


Abortion is a decision that a woman reaches in a place of fear. It is a breakdown in community around her, creating a sense of loneliness and desperation in a time when she needs support the most. The proposed fundamentality of abortion to a woman’s success is evidence of a society that is failing her. Instead, we must provide her with the resources she needs during and after pregnancy while still pursuing her dreams. This is why I have included a link to a comprehensive list on the right hand panel of local free/low–cost resources available to women who find themselves in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy or to those men and women who are post-abortive and seeking healing.

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