Ada Walker.

Ada Walker is a multidisciplinary designer based in Phoenix, Arizona who enjoys specializing in print, branding, visual systems, and illustration. After growing up with a more traditional art background, she became interested in graphic design by how it mixes functionality with art. Between her junior and senior year she earned an internship with the marketing and communications team at ASU’s Graduate College, gaining further branding experience. In her free time, she loves to create portraiture inspired by figures in popular media and aspires to put her creativity towards her passion for the world of entertainment.

Fast Fashion Working Conditions

Human Rights

Garment workers are subjected to the exploitative nature of the fast fashion industry, facing abusive and unsafe factory conditions. 80% of these workers are young, Asian women from poor and rural backgrounds who are overworked, underpaid and trapped by job insecurity. They assemble cheap, low-quality clothing in order for large retailers to keep up with the quick turnover of superficial trends, all of which is perpetuated by the habits of modern consumerism.