Alex Moreno.

Alexandria Moreno aka Alex is a 30-year-old graphic designer who is based in Phoenix, Arizona. She specializes in print, branding, web design, and UI/UX design. She always had a love for art and that later led her to discover design. She began her focus on studying graphic design during her senior year of high school, and she is currently pursuing her BSD in Visual Communication Design at Arizona State University. In her down time she enjoys getting some air by riding her bike around town and getting involved in the local artist community by tableing and selling her art at events happening around town.

US Veteran Suicide

mental health

Veterans put their lives on the line to serve their country. When coming home they should be spending time with their friends and family. They shouldn’t have to face a new set of challenges like struggling with the feeling of isolation when dealing with mental illness. According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs it is estimated that a Veteran dies by suicide every 80 minutes. We can do better by knowing the warning signs and having access to help through readily available resources. When you do you may save a life.