Becca Spindler.

Becca Spindler is a designer and illustrator based in Tempe, Arizona. Her journey began in the world of fine art, physically interpreting life in the visual sense through painting, illustrating and sculpting. With a desire to expand her toolbox, she discovered a new world of visual communication in the digital world of graphic design. With a love for the contrast between the natural and digital world, she found her inspiration and thrives on the human relationship between visual appeal and brand relationships.

Microplastic Consumption

Environmental / Health

In our daily lives of macro production rates, we tend to forget about the impact of microplastics degrading over a prolonged period of time. In the past six decades, we have produced more than 8.4 billion tons of plastics, so where are they now? In our daily lives we tend to forget about our individual contribution to plastic pollution, until our plastic waste decomposes and slowly incorporates itself back into our cycle of consumption. The main causes of human microplastic consumption are due to production contamination, plastic packaging, and contaminated water and food ingestion. Plastics carry harmful toxins, additives and carcinogenic monomers from production. Studies have found microplastics to cause inflammation in the gut as well as cellular uptake in the lungs and paracellular transport to the bloodstream. The more plastic we produce, the more micro interpolation occurs in our natural environment. It’s up to us to identify the threat of plastic pollution before it’s too late.