Brooke Stys.

Brooke Stys is a graphic designer based in Phoenix, AZ. She is currently a senior in the Arizona State Visual Communication Design program. Starting in Summer of 2021 she interned at Ali & Ariel and has since moved into a part time graphic design position that she does along with her school work. Brooke has also interned with Stowebridge Promotion Group, STEM Sports®, & Garren Lofgreen’s studio. She specializes in apparel design, book layout, print and branding.

The Cost of EpiPens


EpiPens are a life saving device that roughly 3.6 million Americans need to carry on them at all times. The cost of an EpiPen in the United States is astronomically higher than any other county. There has been a 400% price increase since 2006 which means EpiPens have gone from around $60 to close to $700. This does not include what else the patient would have to pay for when they go to the hospital since an EpiPen only has enough epinephrine to hold you over until an ambulance arrives. EpiPens are only becoming inaccessible to the people who need them. Nearly 200 people die per year since they don’t have access to EpiPens due to the price. People need to have access to these types of medications as their life depends on it.