Chelsea Possehl.

Chelsea is a 22 year old graphic designer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout her studies at ASU, she has demonstrated her aptitude in ensuring project management and execution per instruction and standards of accuracy and precision. She is skilled with illustration based work and has used her time at ASU to strengthen her photographic skills. As expected for a Print Team Lead for GDSSA, she is passionate about print and hopes to work in that field after graduation. The hands-on experience of designing and printing is something that is lost in the digital world, and she hopes to revive the necessity and uniqueness of print as a medium for design. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her pets.

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean


Plastic soup is an incredibly harmful issue affecting marine life, our environment, and ourselves. Single-Use Plastics are being produced at a higher rate than they degrade, and this causes recyclable materials to be disposed of incorrectly, such as being dumped in our oceans. Plastics never degrade chemically, causing death in marine wildlife and toxins getting into our food chain. There are many steps that corporations, governments, and individuals need to take to reverse the damage of plastics in our oceans.