Claire Sprunger.

Claire Sprunger is a graphic designer based in Tempe, Arizona. A passion for art led her to begin exploring design, and she is currently pursuing a degree in Visual Communication Design from Arizona State University. She focuses on print, branding, illustration, and type design. She believes in maintaining thoughtful practices in her professional work and aims to build effective design solutions that prioritize empathy. Outside of design work, she enjoys painting and reading.

Digital Child Labor


Digital child labor is defined as the coercive, non-consensual sharing of children’s lives and personal information with mass audiences on social media for profit. With the establishment of Youtube and Instagram, as well as the growing popularity of platforms such as TikTok, children can be deemed ‘influencers’ and grow an audience from a very young age. Online video content featuring children age 13 and younger receives three times the engagement of other genres. This digital presence exposes children to an increased threat of predatory behavior. Children whose lives are published online are three times as likely to have their image dispersed as child sexual abuse material, and endure long-term psychological effects.