Clark Hudson.

Clark is a 22-year-old graphic designer from Houston, Texas with a passion for motion design and poster design. He also takes great interest in slowing down and learning about and experimenting with analog processes for creating work in an increasingly digital world. Clark feels it is imperative to constantly observe the world around him, taking inspiration for his work in the lessons he learns and the moments and interactions he experiences on a daily basis. In his spare time, Clark enjoys film photography, fashion, collecting and listening to cassettes and vinyl records, and tinkering with old bikes.

The Effects of Car Dependency in the U.S.

social inequality, racism & prejudice, mental health

Car dependent infrastructure is an expensive, dangerous, inefficient, and discriminatory method of city planning prevalent throughout the United States. While affecting a majority of people living in this country, this type of urban planning disproportionately affects the everyday lives of both the middle/lower class and marginalized people in this country, as car dependency has been used as a tool to segregate, oppress, and destroy communities of color for decades. Additionally, a car is typically the second largest expense in the average American’s life; it is a financial burden with no escape and no viable alternatives, and for many Americans, this is not sustainable or affordable at all.