Eni Blloshmi.


Eni Blloshmi is a graphic designer from New Jersey. After moving to the United States at an early age, she relied heavily on the visual world to guide her. It was this appreciation and curiosity for the visual world that led her to pursue a BSD in Visual Communication Design at Arizona State University. She is passionate about using design as a way to form thoughtful connections that have a positive social impact on our communities. When she is not behind a computer screen, you can find her behind the camera lens as she captures the world and people around her.

Involuntary Servitude

human rights

The “exception clause” to the 13th Amendment provides a loophole that disproportionately encouraged the criminalization and re-enslavement of Black people during the Jim Crow era, gave rise to Black Codes, convict leasing, and chain gangs. Its harmful effects persist today in the form of forced labor, which allows for thousands of incarcerated workers to be exploited, underpaid, and excluded from proper training and basic workplace protection laws. National organizations such as the ACLU are working with state senators to pass legislation that will finally bring an end to slavery and involuntary servitude in the United States.