Gabriela Ledezma.

Gabriela Ledezma is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer from Holbrook, Arizona. The nature of the Southwest is influential in her work as well as her Mexican and Navajo heritage. Growing up she was inspired by the unique culture and design found within her small town on Route 66. Interpreting the world around her and illustrating it is what ultimately led her into the creative field. She loves the complexity of design and the considerable thought that goes into the smallest of details in each project.

Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is an epidemic that is difficult to navigate and often goes unnoticed entirely. While there are support and prevention programs attempting to lessen the severity of the issue, they are still premature and ineffective. Victims who endure physical or mental abuse are placed in a quandary as breaking free is often accompanied by a freeze response and in some cases, danger. Another significant aspect is the impact it has on children, as they are likely to contribute to the cycle themselves. It’s imperative to recognize how ingrained domestic violence is in our world and important to realize it can happen or can be happening to anyone you care about.