Hanna Brunelle.


Hanna Brunelle is a multidisciplinary designer based in Phoenix, AZ. She is currently a senior in the Visual Communication Design program at Arizona State University with minors in both Business and English Literature. After undergoing an internship at R Squared in the Summer of 2022, she was offered a part-time position and currently works as a designer there while balancing her school work. Her unique set of skills, cultivated through her exposure to multiple disciplines, makes her a proficient and innovative designer with countless concepts to share.

Melting of the Artic


The arctic is home to more than 21,000 diverse species and one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. However, after decades of climate change wreaking havoc on the environment, the ice caps are melting at higher rates than they ever have before. Regardless of changes to C02 emissions, the arctic will experience ice-free summers by 2050, causing a multitude of adverse effects. Donating to organizations that protect the wildlife, signing petitions, and being as sustainable as possible are the best ways to make a difference and preserve the arctic.