Intisar Ali.

Intisar Ali is a first-generation, Sudanese-American, graphic designer from Minnesota. She is a current senior at Arizona State University and will receive a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design in May of 2023. From a young age, Intisar’s father encouraged her to explore her interests in art and introduced her to Adobe Photoshop, cultivating her love for design. Intisar’s mother is a social activist in Sudan and her activism has played a key role in Intisar’s commitment to social justice and creating designs that empower. Intisar specializes in brand, print, and packaging design.

War on “Drugs”

human rights

The “War on Drugs”, which began in the 1970’s, was a set of policies and programs implemented by the United States government to combat illegal drug use and distribution. While the United States government claims the war’s goals are to reduce drug use and addiction, the consequences of these policies have been devastating. It disproportionately impacts Black and Hispanic communities with significantly higher rates of arrest, conviction, and incarceration for drug-related offenses. This has led to the creation of a growing undercaste of individuals who are labeled as “criminals” or “felons”, and face significant social, economic, and political barriers as a result of their criminal records.