Jai Ortiz.


Jaidyn Ortiz, also known as Jai, is a 22 year old Graphic Designer based in Tempe, Arizona. She first discovered graphic design by designing custom-painted shoes as a teen. Her passion for all things creative led her to pursue a degree in graphic design at Arizona State University. As a graduating senior in the program, she has developed skills in print media, digital media, brand identity, and Ui / Ux design. She believes through the power of design we can create a world where creativity is celebrated and shared, one interface at a time.

Period Poverty

human rights

Period poverty is defined as a lack of access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, waste management, and education, affecting many people globally. In the United States, 1 in 4 people who menstruate will experience period poverty at some time in their life. This experience can cause physical, mental, and emotional challenges. We are often taught that the topic of periods is a hidden reality, that those who menstruate are the only people who should be concerned. Periods are a natural occurrence and should not be seen as “dirty”. Period stigma can be seen as one of the major causes of period poverty. By not speaking up and educating ourselves, we are allowing for those who are experiencing period poverty to continue to suffer.