Kaelyn Nolan.


Kaelyn Nolan is a designer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her interest in art led her to the Visual Communication Design Program at Arizona State University. Kaelyn is dedicated to designing insightful solutions and visualizing narratives through design. Her work is detail oriented and intentional. Kaelyn has multidisciplinary experience but particularly enjoys UI/UX, branding, information and layout design. In all her work, she is focused on optimizing communication and experiences. She currently works at Kyndryl as a Senior Associate of Visual Design where she is committed to developing company standards for information design. In her free time Kaelyn enjoys hiking, thrifting, and watching movies.

NASA Psyche Mission


Psyche is the name of an ASU-led NASA space mission to an asteroid with the same name. This mission is important because researchers believe the asteroid is the remnant of a planetesimal. This mission could provide us with information about planet formation. As a designer, my goal is to inform the public through clear visual communication.