Laura Millsap.

Laura Millsap is a 22-year-old graphic designer based in Tempe, Arizona. She has a huge passion for design, art, and illustration and focuses on print, web, branding, and packaging design. She fell in love with graphic design and illustration in her senior year of high school and continued to pursue these passions at Arizona State University, currently pursuing a BSD in Visual Communication Design. In her free time, Laura enjoys physical art forms like painting and drawing.


mental health

Over 300 million people are taking antidepressants as of 2023 in the United States alone. While antidepressants are effective at treating depression and other conditions, psychiatrists and general practitioners tend to prescribe them over other treatments like therapy and lifestyle changes as the first solution. Most antidepressants are only 40-60% effective, but the chance for harmful side effects, painful withdrawal symptoms, and potential relapse are much higher.