Madi Hirakawa.

Madi is a Los Angeles native who has had a passion for creative work since her early years. Today, Madi is still on this journey of discovering what being a creative truly means to her. She is guided by the belief that design is much more than simply making things pretty – design should serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. To her, effective design is the combination of multiple elements that work together to convey a clear and cohesive message. When she’s not working at her desk, you can find her playing piano and guitar, cooking (+ eating!), or off on yet another semi-spontaneous road trip with her friends!

NASA Psyche Mission


Psyche is an asteroid in the outer region of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid is of particular interest because of its completely metallic composition. In partnership with NASA, Arizona State University is leading a mission to help scientists study the asteroid for the first time ever.