Maryam Hafiz.

Maryam Hafiz is a graphic designer from Almadinah, Saudi Arabia. In 2018 she moved with her husband to Tempe Arizona to study Visual Communication Design at Arizona State University. She has a passion to be creative and unique in her graphic design work. She likes to work on branding, packaging, and UX/UI design. She is talented in baking, singing, photography, crafts, and party decorating.

Food Waste


In the USA, 70 billion pounds of food is wasted every year. That’s about 300 pounds per person and accounts for 40 percent of the entire US food supply. The food waste is generated from different sectors, such as farms, factories, grocery stores, restaurants, and households. The surprise was that the households have the largest percentage in food wastage. Therefore, as individuals we must take this problem seriously. Because food waste has many negative impacts. For example, society, environments, and economic impacts. All people can change some of their habits like buying excessive amounts of unneeded food, realizing the expiration date, and practicing weekly meal planning habits.