Nicolo Quarante.

Nicolo Quarante is a person. He transferred to ASU in 2019 from Palomar Community College to pursue a graphic design degree. For graphic design, his interests lie in UX/UI and motion graphics. He hopes after graduation he can apply his learned skills to make videos on the internet about topics he is passionate about.

Cyberbullying in College Undergraduates


As society is increasingly connected online, harassment on social media platforms can occur. This harassment, cyberbullying, occurs all over the world. Not only does it affect adolescents, but young adults. Cyberbullying can cause long-term negative effects such as low self-esteem, depression, and poor concentration. Cyberbullying has consequences of poor academic performance, school dropout, and physical violence. Recognition and education of cyberbullying from not only other students, but faculty can help work towards support groups to mitigate and prevent incidents.